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2022 LN kart Racing Suit Replica In Stock

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F1 Racing Suits Replica Size Chart
  • Please do not measure yourself. Have someone measure you but not a tailor.
  • Wear tight fitting comfortable clothes such as underwear.
  • Use a cloth measuring tape and keep it tight to the skin.
  • Take exact measurements and do not add anything to them.
140 CM3663-67 CM6675-82 CM137-143 CM
158 CM4064-74 CM6880-84 CM144-152 CM
3XX-SMALL4475-82 CM7584-89 CM152-157 CM
2XS-SMALL4681-89 CM7789-95 CM156-161 CM
2XS-SMALL4889-96 CM7995-98 CM160-166 CM
SMALL5095-102 CM8297-100 CM165-171 CM
MEDIUM52102-106 CM87101-104 CM170-174 CM
LARGE54106-110 CM92105-108 CM172-181 CM
LARGE56110-114 CM97109-112 CM175-183 CM
X-LARGE58115-119 CM102113-117 CM180-186 CM
2X-LARGE60120-124 CM107118-122 CM185-189 CM
3X-LARGE62124-128 CM112123-126 CM187-194 CM
3X-LARGE64128-132 CM117127-130 CM194-199 CM
4X-LARGE66131-139 CM122129-135 CM198-208 CM

Note: If you have question, Please give us as call or email. We will the suit to these dimensions and will not be responsible for the measurements.

Team 2022

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The 2022 LN kart Racing Suit Replica epitomizes the seamless fusion of comfort and performance, meticulously woven into every thread. Crafted with meticulous attention, this kart racing suit is tailored from a specialized Polyester Corduroy fabric, ensuring not only durability but also an enhanced level of comfort tailored to karting enthusiasts. Its design innovation is underscored by the inclusion of a terry cotton lining, adeptly dissipating moisture and maintaining a consistently cool and dry experience even amid the intensity of racing.

The LN KART RACING SUIT’s ingenuity shines through its design elements. The incorporation of stretch panels on the back and arms revolutionizes the challenge of balancing mobility and snugness. These panels grant racers the freedom to move seamlessly, unburdened by restrictive gear, ultimately offering a wholly immersive racing experience. Enhanced by sleek zippers and meticulous emblems, this suit becomes a visual testament to dedication, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of excellence as racers confidently navigate through enthusiastic crowds.

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110 CM Kids, 120 CM Kids, 130 CM Kids, 140 CM / Euro 36, 140 CM Kids, 157 CM / Euro 40, 2X-Large / Euro 60, 2XX-Small / Euro 46, 2XX-Small / Euro 48, 3X-Large / Euro 62, 3X-Large / Euro 64, 3XX-Small / Euro 44, 4X-Large / Euro 66, Large / Euro 54, Large / Euro 56, Medium / Euro 52, Small / Euro 50, X-Large / Euro 58


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